last SUMMER WAS f#*ked...

So we’re getting #firedup about the climate crisis


This is an open campaign to encourage Aussies to say something about bushfires and climate change.

We’re outraged by climate inaction and scared about our future. But many of us lack the confidence to speak our mind on the climate crisis, IRL or online.

We need to speak up. Because our voices are powerful. And research shows our friends and family are more likely to listen to us than fancy scientists.

It’s OK to not know all the facts or have all the answers. After this f#*ked summer, we’ve all felt the effects of a changing climate in one way or another.

So now we’re all getting #FiredUp to say something, and act.


No matter where you live or who you vote for, these 3 steps are the fastest way to feel better.

And probably most important thing we can all do about the climate crisis right now.


Your voice is powerful. So post something #FiredUp about climate on your favourite social media platform.

You can vent fear and frustration. You can inspire hope and offer solutions.

Whatever you want to say, however you want to say it -- we invite you to simplly speak up about bushfires and climate change.

Grab some free #FiredUp art to share, or create your own. And be sure to use the hashtag #FiredUp in your post!


It’s good to get your mates #FiredUp to say something about the climate crisis, too.

Tag 3 or more friends in your posts to get them #FiredUp alongside you!

Together, we have the power to change the nature of the climate conversation.

Show support for your #FiredUp mates on social media with 🔥🔥🔥


There’s a Climate Change Act being introduced to parliament on 23 March by former Olympian Zali Steggall.

We reckon it needs 1 million supporters to get through.

No matter where you live or who you vote for, you can show your support.

Sign to support a Climate Change Act today at:

#FIREDUP inspo

Check out some #FiredUp posts for inspo.

Why we’re getting #firedup

Summer’s over. The convo isn’t.

We all like warm weather. But this summer from hell was a wake-up call. We need to listen to what the fires are telling us.

The climate issue has been kicked around as a political football for too long. Fact is, 81% of Australians want more action on climate change.

So we’re getting #FiredUp to help our fellow Aussies say and do something.

Former Olympian Zali Steggall is now an independent, non-major party politician. She’s got a Climate Change Act that’s going to Parliament on 23 March. This law is designed to break the argy bargy on climate.

We’re supporting a people’s movement for the Climate Change Act. Because we’re sick of excuses. And we’re not whingers.

We’re taking responsibility and doing something. And we want you to join us, get #FiredUp and make this campaign your own.

want to get more involved?

Create #FiredUp artwork we can use on social channels and in the streets

We are open-sourcing artwork and creative ideas. Check out our #FiredUp creative brief here.

Want other Aussies to use your work to speak up on climate? Upload your creation to our Resources folder, or email it to

Also, you can donate to help our rag tag team of mates get more people #FiredUp!

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